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Kim Kardashian Follows The No Make-Up Trend

We couldn’t quite believe the hype on social media surrounding Alicia Keys when she stepped onto the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet with a completely bare face. image source People had divided opinions on her choice, either stating that she should be wearing make-up at such a glamorous event whereas others were seriously… Read More »

Top 19 Unbelievable Hillary Clinton Scandals

For nearly as long as Hillary Clinton has been in the political spotlight, she has been surrounded by scandal. While Hillary will always argue that it is a right-wing conspiracy against her (she even made the phrase popular when she used it to refute rumors of Bill’s affair with Monica), there are some scandals that… Read More »

Top 15 Most Beautiful and Rich Celebrity Daughters

For most children of celebrities, it can look a bit like a charmed life. They have wealth, genes that gives them great looks and pretty much an easy path into stardom. However, not all of these beautiful celebrity daughters are following in their parents’ footsteps. Some of them just seem to get prettier with each… Read More »

TOP 20: Weird and Bizarre Celebrity Hobbies

When it comes to celebrities, many people expect that they spend their time celebrating life as one of the “cool people.” But a deeper look into some of their hobbies and interests proves that they can be just as silly and dorky as the rest of us. Some celebrities have hobbies that you would never… Read More »