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L’Oreal’s Smart Hairbrush Listens While You Brush And Helps You Keep Your Hair Healthy

For achieving convenience, a lot of companies are focusing on technological innovation in existing products. Everything is going intelligent, from your toaster to your toothbrush. Nowadays, most of the “smart” products are usually redundant, and just a way to keep with the prevailing trend, however, L’Oreal’s smart hairbrush is a spectacular addition to the family… Read More »

This Wristband Lets You Talk On Phone Using Your Finger

Hate holding your phone to your ear for such long calls? Well there are earphones for that but don’t you hate fumbling with earphone wires that keep getting entangled? There is a Bluetooth earpiece for that. But why carry something extra all the time? Sgnl is a wristband that allows you to keep your phone… Read More »