Home-Based Business Opportunities in a Profitable and Promising Village

By | January 14, 2019

You don’t need to worry if you live in a village, because now there are so many business opportunities that can change your economy.

Why is that so?

Because actually the village has a lot of potential commodities that the city community does not have. Not only that, many types of home-based business opportunities in the village can be run with relatively small capital.

Home Business in the Village

The proof is that we often hear or read the success stories of entrepreneurs from the village. This success story should make us more motivated to take business opportunities in the village right?

Tips for success in choosing a business in the village:
Look for any excess raw materials in your village. For example, in your village there are lots of jengkol, so you can open a business related to jengkol so that you can easily obtain materials.
Likewise with other raw materials, for example there are many shrimp. Then you can open a business related to shrimp such as fish crackers, salted fish etc.
Do market research by asking market sellers or collectors.
Learn from the source or the right person and prove successful
Look, what is still lacking in your village or what is still needed by the market.
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Now to be clearer, we are for two types of businesses that are promising in the village, first is the Offline field and the second is the Online field. Here is the explanation.

Home business opportunities in the village that can be done offline are as follows:
Offline business, namely running a business from home with the target of local, inter-village, inter-district and even national markets can also be if we want to learn.

1. Laundry Services
It is not only urban people who are smart to use laundry services, now many villagers use laundry services. Especially for those who are busy, laundry services are certainly the solution they are looking for.

Laundry services provide a lot of convenience for them, are more economical and save more time for the village community. The capital is not too big, enough with an iron and washing machine only.

Especially in your area not far from the complex location of office employees or companies, this is a home-based business opportunity in a village that is quite promising.

How to promote?

Next, provide the best service and service so that your business is flooded with orders. Also make promotions on social media, word of mouth or directly distribute leaflets.

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2. Three Kampung Chicken Livestock Systems
Village chickens can be said to be home-based business opportunities in the village which are quite promising. Besides that the village is very synonymous with this business. Because the availability of land is certainly still very broad compared to the people of the city.

The need for meat also continues to increase day by day. Especially for restaurant needs, housewives to export needs.

There are three models of free-range chicken you can apply. What are they?

First Umbar Model

This chicken model is very suitable if your house has a distance from neighbors or a quiet area of ​​the population. Because with this method your chicken will roam everywhere. So as not to disturb the next door neighbor.

The umbaran method is a method of traditional free-range chicken farming by letting the chicken free. You only need to make a cage for chickens to take shelter when it rains or sleeps at night.

The method of livestock raising in general can be run for small scale entrepreneurs. This is due to the need for vast land.

Semi Intensive Method

Village chickens with semi-intensive methods, namely you make a fairly large cage. The goal is of course that the chicken doesn’t go anywhere.

For example, by making a fence from a net or certain material on a very wide yard. This method is quite effective if you own land. Chickens can search for their own feed around the site while being given additional feed.

With this method, you can directly monitor the condition of the chicken. So it’s very easy to control.

Intensive Method

Semi-intensive method is chicken that is done by making a cage, so that the chicken does not go anywhere.

It does require capital, but there are many benefits to being gained such as you are easy to control, easy to feed, and easy to manage the harvest period.

Home-based business opportunities in this one village are indeed very promising if done with science.

2. Mini Gas Station
We have often encountered mini-gas station businesses in the village. This is not without reason. We know that BBM is an important requirement for motorists. Meanwhile the presence of gas stations does not reach all locations, especially in village villages.

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