League Results 1, The “Monas” Header Antar Persija Conquer Perseru

By | September 19, 2017

Persija Jakarta earned full points when entertaining Perseru Serui in League 1 continued at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Tuesday (19/09/2017). Brazilian tall defender, Willian Pacheco, became the star of Macan Kemayoran because the player with the nickname Si Monas scored his team’s only winning goal.

An additional three points in the 25th week put Persija on 42 points and fifth in the standings, ahead of goal difference over Madura United, which still leaves one match. Meanwhile Perseru, who remains with a collection of 22 points, is still in the relegation zone because of the four adrift of the TNI PS in the order of 15.

Persija deserves to thank Pacheco. The attacks they woke were always run aground in the defense of Perseru, who played quite disciplined. Luckily, this import player can take advantage of his height to head the ball free kick Ismed Sofyan, to break down Perseru goalkeeper in the 29th minute.

Persija position is not secure. He can still be shifted by Madura United, who have not played the 25th match since they have just met PS TNI on Monday, September 18th. In the duel, Madura United who acted as the visitors, won 3-2.
Persija: Andritany Ardhiyasa; Rezaldi Hehanusa, Willian Pacheco, Maman Abdurahman, Ismed Sofyan, Sandi Sute, Rohit Chand, Fitra Ridwan, Bambang Pamungkas, Rudi Widodo, Bruno Lopes

Coach: Stefano Cugurra

Perseru: Hendra Mole, Tonny Ayomi, Ryutaro Kurabe, Boman Aime, M Zaenuri, Kalvin Wopi, Ronaldo Meisido, Luke Mandowen, Arthur Bonai, Mariando Uropmabin, Silvio Escobar

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