Reason Egy Maulana Call Goes to Myanmar’s Most Impressive Goal

By | September 19, 2017

U-19 national team midfielder, Egy Maulana Vikri, mentioned one of his most memorable goals during the AFF Cup U-18 2017. He claimed a goal against Myanmar.

In the AFF Cup U-18 edition of the 14th, Egy successfully won the top scorer title with a notch eight goals. Egy goal scoring started since the opening match when U-19 national team dramatically beat host Myanmar with a score of 2-1.

Left behind in the first half, two Egy goals in the 72nd minute and an additional second-half minutes gave the U-19 national team an important victory.

“The most memorable goal is probably my second goal in the first game against Myanmar because they are arrogant and have confidence in winning,” Egy said when asked by crew member who was in charge of covering directly, Ferryl Dennis Sitorus, Sunday (17/09/2017).

“We proved that we have a high spirit to win, we do not want to give up,” said the Medan-born player.

Only, Egy’s tap tread did not flow in two defeats suffered U-19 national team throughout the tournament, namely against Vietnam (group phase) and Thailand (semifinal).

Even so, Egy et al successfully won the hearts of the Indonesian public by securing the third place after mengguda Myanmar 7-1!

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