Rio Ferdinand Confirm Jajal Dunia Boxing Profesional

By | September 19, 2017

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has confirmed that he will be challenging to become a professional boxer.

The 38-year-old man made a “big announcement” to ensure that he will try out a new sport, boxing, Tuesday (19/09/2017).

Ferdinand has been included in the “Defender to Contender” project section supported by Betfair, one of the online betting markets, which is working on getting a boxing license for Ferdinand before going down in the ring.

“Boxing is a great sport for the mind and body, I always have a passion for it and this challenge is a perfect opportunity to show people what might happen,” Ferdinand said.

“This is a challenge I do not take for granted, obviously not everyone can be a professional boxer, but with a team of Betfair experts joining in and the push I have to finish, anything is possible,” he said.

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Ferdinand will train with former WBC superweight champion Richie Woodhall.

“To be honest, I think Rio Ferdinand should be able to box professionally if given time,” Woodhall said.

“He has a natural power in his right hand, is very fit, and very enthusiastic to learn, it’s exciting,” he said.

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